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 Capital eXperience Group

Who We Are

We are a boutique human-centered experience company specializing in change management and rapid technology adoption to enhance business performance, cultivate a stronger culture, and elevate customer experiences.

What We Do

What We Do

In today's fast-paced world, customer expectations are at an all-time high. They want seamless, top-quality experiences infused with innovative solutions. But, keeping up with the ever-evolving technology landscape while managing operations and resistance to change from employees, leaves leaders overwhelmed. It's no wonder that 70% of transformation projects face challenges or fail, particularly in service businesses where leaders are caught in a delicate balancing act between delivering top-notch human experiences and staying at the forefront of  innovation.

The good news? You can do both well.

At Capital eXperience Group, we specialize in helping you find the right technology solutions while maintaining your focus on delivering exceptional human experiences.  We do this by leveraging thoughtful, customized change management strategies to your technology projects while ensuring your operations run smoothly. Our unique blend of expertise in project management, human-centered design, technology adoption, and customer experience illuminates the relationship between employee engagement, exceptional customer service and consistent healthy business performance. This creates a positive, rippling impact on your culture and your long-term growth, that endures well after our work is done.

Rapid Project Rescue

Our Project Rescue service is uniquely designed to help businesses facing challenges with IT projects. Whether you're dealing with resistance from your team, staffing issues, or operational roadblocks, our expert consultants step in with agile solutions that prioritize your employees' needs and customer interactions. We understand the importance of delivering exceptional service and work swiftly to get you back on track within 30 to 90 days. We ensure that our solutions align with your long-term strategic vision, not only resolving immediate challenges but also contributing to your sustained success.

Technology Adoption &
Change Management

We believe technology can be a powerful ally, liberating your team members from time-consuming tasks and allowing them to focus on delivering customer-centric services. However, adopting new technology can be challenging for service-based businesses, often leading to employee attrition, confusion among managers, and frustrated customers. This is why approximately 70% of IT projects face difficulties. We begin by thoroughly understanding your project, program, portfolio, or strategy goals, ensuring that any changes align with these objectives. We establish clear success criteria, engage all relevant stakeholders, and meticulously plan, execute, track, promote success, and refine until we achieve these goals. But here's the magic ingredient: communication. Openly sharing the plan with your entire team, from top to bottom, and ensuring they understand how these changes contribute to your overall mission is crucial. We encourage your leaders to be enthusiastic advocates, reminding everyone why the change is important and how it benefits them, leaving little room for resistance. We firmly believe that celebrating victories and acknowledging those who played a role in achieving them builds trust and motivation, uniting your team around a common mission and increasing your chances of success while fostering a strong culture. Our proprietary performance measuring tool keeps the focus on success throughout, holding everyone objectively accountable and eager to reach goals together. We can help you cultivate a culture of adaptability in your leaders, managers, and frontline team members, fostering innovation that will serve your organization well into the future.

Leadership Coaching

Whether it’s enhancing personal performance, building confidence, achieving organizational goals, or mastering the art of influence, the effectiveness of a leader is the result of natural talent combined with intentional development. Unfortunately, many organizations tend to overlook or underinvest in the deliberate development of their leaders and managers. Project and Change leaders especially need the tools to influence behavior across competing priorities and personalities. We work with your leaders to develop easily adaptable habits that address the real-time challenges your business is facing. Our aim is to empower them with the confidence to champion innovation, and the empathy needed to align the organization toward goals, with confidence and grace.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing leaders that put a premium on high-quality customer experiences as the barometer for success in their business. Whether you operate in concierge medicine, boutique hospitality, the public and non-profit sectors, or leading a start-up, our services are designed to address these challenges by promoting a culture of growth, innovation, and efficiency.

Hotel Patio

Boutique Hospitality

From theme and luxury hotel groups to Independent Living communities and Day Spas, we guide boutique hospitality leaders in adapting comfortably to the dynamic customer expectations surrounding today's experiences. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, we enhance your guests' journey, from online booking to personalized concierge services. Our proven project management methodology ensures that renovations, expansions, and rebranding efforts run smoothly and are completed successfully, all while minimizing disruptions for your guests. Our approach engages employees and partners, inspiring investment in your culture, and encouraging flexibly staffed teams to take pride in delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Concierge medicine doctor showing patient on tablet.jpg

Concierge Health and Wellness

Whether you run a boutique spa, holistic health practice, or membership-based primary care, we know it can be challenging to navigate the ever-evolving private wellness landscape. We work with you to establish personalized processes and technology solutions that build trust, loyalty, and customer engagement, making them see you as a reliable health partner. While handling Point-of-Sale and CRM implementations are standard for us, our expertise ensures that even more complex projects, such as securely implementing electronic health records or expanding facilities, are handled smoothly across your organization. Our goal is to empower you to navigate the complexities of a growing industry while fostering a culture centered on patient care.

Charity Volunteers

Public Sector and Non-Profit

Providing on-demand access to services is one of the most impactful ways that mission-driven organizations can provide value to their members and customers. We partner with state, local and federal government agencies, as well as not-for-profit organizations to identify, source and deliver the information and resources your members and customers rely on. We use our expertise in Project Change Management, Business Process Improvement and Data Integration to optimize operations and ensure that each team member's work is aligned with your mission. By engaging your team toward your purpose and your customer’s needs, we ensure that their contributions are not just tasks but fulfilling, benefiting both your cause and your culture. We leverage data-driven insights to identify quick wins and optimize performance, all while measuring and reporting progress to your stakeholders at all levels.

Stand-up Meeting


Leveraging our extensive experience working with startups and Fortune 50 organizations in the hospitality, health, and public sectors, we support Founders and their teams in developing a healthy, high-performing culture. Our clients are typically startups that have set high expectations for the experience their customers should expect when interacting with their brand and we show them how to stay accountable to those promises as they scale. We begin by focusing on nurturing an agile culture that embraces innovation and rapid adaptation, a critical element for startup success. Our goal is to ensure that they select and integrate the right tech solutions for growth while staying cost-effective, helping them maximize limited resources, meet milestones, and secure funding.

Partner With Us


Capital eXperience Group is your partner in shaping the future of your services organization. We are committed to helping you create genuine, impactful moments that matter, building deep loyalty with your customers, creating a fulfilling culture for your team, and inspiring continuous growth and innovation in a customer-centric world.

Reach out to us today to discuss how our services can be tailored to your organization's needs and priorities.


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