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About Us

We're a dedicated team of service enthusiasts who understand the power of technology in creating exceptional human experiences.  At the heart of our business value is our practical application of the knowledge and expertise to guide business leaders who prioritize the human experience for stellar service, achieve the business performance they desire, laying the foundation for your business and culture to thrive.  

In the services industry, customer experience is king.  At Capital eXperience Group, we get you crowned.

Our Values


Innovation Made Simple


We're passionate about finding straightforward solutions to complex problems.  We consider the latest technology tools against your organization's goals, resources,  and adaptability to change.  Then we carve out a path to success, with the least disruption possible.


Happy People = Healthy Business

We are committed to understanding your challenges and delivering solutions that align your leadership, team, partners, and customers, fostering a sense of belonging that contributes to your business's vitality.



Measure What Matters

We develop quantifiable and qualifiable metrics to ensure that you not only meet but exceed expectations, creating a comprehensive framework for assessing performance that captures the true essence of success, no matter where you are in your journey. 

Tonja Pena

Tonja Peña


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Tonja is a Change Management and Technology Adoption leader with a passion for high-quality experiences, both in business and in life. She begins every engagement by asking two very important questions: "How will we quantify success?" and “How will employees and customers qualify success?” Her track record includes lean projects and complex digital transformations that consistently result in increased revenue, optimized performance, heightened employee engagement, and enhanced customer experiences, benefiting startups and Fortune 50 companies alike. As the Founder, Tonja proudly leads a woman and minority-owned small business with an unwavering commitment to empowering service and software companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Her unique approach blends humanity with innovation, freeing team members to engage with each other and customers in a personalized manner that fosters loyalty and strengthens company culture. Her reputation as a trusted partner and advisor to executives and colleagues is well-deserved, thanks to her ability to challenge the status quo and build on quick wins that address the underlying issues that can hinder business progress. With a career spanning boutique hospitality, startups, and prominent organizations like Marriott International, Enterprise Holdings (Rent-A-Car), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Holbrook Life Communities, and HireVue, she leverages her experience to deliver rapid, positive impacts for her clients' businesses. Her professional certifications in Customer Experience (CCXP) and Change Management (Prosci), among others, have honed the tools and techniques Tonja has developed to guide her clients towards success.

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